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    Why Choose Led Bulbs?

    How to choose Led bulb
    In recent years, as global environmental problems become more and more serious,earth resources are increasingly scarce.Everyone increase awareness Environmental issues,and looking for the new ways to save energy.
    We need energy efficient light bulbs that save energy,allowing us to use long time in the future.Also,by using energy efficient bulbs we can also reduce the energy expenses.
    Whatever the case,Led bulbs have become quite popular today,people more and more choose the Led bulbs to replace the incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs.Led light bulbs are currently to take over the lighting technology market by storm.And this with many advantage,because as you know,Led bulbs are a far more energy efficient,more environmentally friendly and also a cost-saving alternative to the old incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs.
    When seeking to answer “Why Choose Led Bulbs?”,the following information may explain helpfully.

    1.Led bulbs are more energy efficient

    10W A60 Led bulb
    Let us compare the luminous efficacy of Led Bulb,incandescent bulb and CFL bulb:

    Incandescent bulb normally:10~15lm/w
    CFL bulb normally: 30~40lm/w
    Led bulb normally:100~150lm/w.
    A60 Led bulb up to 110lm/w,Led Corn bulb up to 150lm/w.
    Let us take an 100W incandescent bulb for example,if we use CFL bulb to replace it,it need about 26W CFL bulb,just our
    10W A60 Led bulb can replace.

    2.Led bulbs have a longer life span

    6W Led candle bulb
    Let us compare the life span with them:
    Incandescent bulb lifespan is about 1,200 hours
    CFL bulb lifespan is approximately 8,000 hours
    Led bulb lifespan is up to 50,000 hours or more

    That is to say,an Led bulb is an investment you make,can last for many years or even decades of sustainable illumination in your home or your office,other public venues or buildings lighting.
    For urban lighting,long life span also have superiority in maintenance:
    Instead of having to replace conventional light bulb regularly and thereby generating high maintenance cost,especially in a large-scale urban,high hall buildings.Led bulbs with long life time can significant reduce cost-saving for the maintenance and replacement workloads.

    3.Led bulbs help you save money on your electricity bills

    6W E27 led candle bulb
    From the above,we know that,Led bulb with less watt generate more lumens than incandescent and CFL bulb.Therefore,they are not only much longer-lasting in lifespan but also lower your electricity bills.In contrast using,CFL bulb about 3 times of electric power,Incandescent bulb even 10 times of electric power.
    In home or residential lighting,the difference in lifespan and efficiency help you to reduce electricity bill significantly.
    For example, Led light bulb is almost 50 times lifespan and 80% more energy-efficient than conventional incandescent bulb.Impressed by it?Please choose our
    A60 Led Bulb and Led Corn Bulb.

    4.Led bulb are non-toxic,no noise,no starting time,greener than other bulbs

    E27 led bulb
    For one,Led bulb contrast to CFL bulb,do not contain the high toxic-mercury,which is harmful not only with the environment but also with our personal health.Mercury can also be found in the Ocean,and the levels are increasing every year,due much in part to the improper disposal of bulbs,such as thermometers and fluorescent light bulbs.
    For two,incandescent bulb and CFL bulb all is with glass shell,which is easy broken,however,Led bulbs is with the aluminum and PC material,which is non-fragile.And the incandescent bulbs,when long time lighting,the glass shell will become very hot.Someone make an test:Lighting a 100W incandescent bulb for 2 hours,can fry eggs on the shell.If we touch such this bulbs,will be scalded.And if these bulbs touch flammable material,it will bright fire disaster. Our
    A60 Led bulb lighting for 24 hours,the temperature is around 40℃.

    5.Led bulb is various in color and design

    E14 led bulb
    Led bulbs can easily be done in various shape and design,in order to produce high efficient solutions for residential and commercial illumination.One Led bulb can be dimmable both brightness and color temperature,also remote and even control via internet or your home WLAN.This can achieve some amazing lighting effects,which influence not only our eye,but also our mind and mood.
    Still hesitant about bulbs,please do not hesitate,choose our Led bulbs,is the best choice.

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